Who is Publishing Within HIRN?

Below is a look at our research studies by Consortia within the Network. Click on a name to exclude from the graph.

* some publications associated with multiple consortia, and may be counted more than once

Where does HIRN Publish?

The top 20 journals that cite HIRN support are listed below.

How Is HIRN connected with other researchers around the world?

Authors in publications that cite HIRN are plotted on the map below in blue (not affiliated with HIRN) or green (HIRN members). Lines connect researchers that share co-authorship on a published study. By default, the map is plotted to show all collaborations between authors.

Interacting with the map: By default the map is plotted showing all collaborations between authors.

  • Click on any node to clear these lines and display a detail popup containing affiliation information for that node.
  • Click on green nodes to show all collaborations for that HIRN author.
  • Refresh thje page to restore the default view.

Total Resources

What Resources Are Used in HIRN?

The HIRN was established in 2014 as a series of independently funded NIH NIDDK grants within several consortia. The graphs below displays the scientific resources developed and/or utilized within the HIRN research community (2014-present). All HIRN resources are accessible at: https://resourcebrowser.hirnetwork.org/

Click on labels in the legend to enable/disable resource types.

* Excludes any resources for which publication/availability year is unknown.

Resource Applications

How Are Resources Used in HIRN?

Resource applications represent the type of usage of resources in various research projects and experiments.

Click on labels in the legend to enable/disable usage types.
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